Arcam A19 Integrated Amplifier

There is a trend of including an on board DAC in lots of integrated
amplifiers these days. While we appreciate the convenience of including
these inputs most of the amps we have examined don’t pay sufficient
attention to isolating this section from the rest of the amplifier which
compromises performance of the whole unit. It is essential to isolate this
section both electrically and mechanically. Low level RF interference is
also a factor in limiting performance. The best way of doing this is to add
an outboard DAC such as the irDAC. The A19 headphone stage is totally
new and is far better than that seen on its competition. This care and
attention has also been lavished on the A19 phono section for those music
lovers who still treasure their vinyl collections.
The CR108 remote offers full control of the A19. The A19 can provide
power to two rSeries products, which enable digital inputs, Bluetooth, etc.
Switchable line/phono (MM) input allows the use of phono stages or line
inputs without compromising the number of inputs.