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Control4 HC-800 Home Controller

Control4 HC-800 Home Controller
We now have the AMAZING new Control4 HC-800 Home Controller
Visit our showroom for a demonstration of Control4 and the new HC-80

The new Control4 HC-800 is the most powerful, reliable and affordable Controller from Control4 to date. We are really excited about its potential.

See how lightning fast the new User interface is.

Hear how great Music can sound from your Digital Music Library using HDMI or Digital connections into a Digital to Analogue converter.

Experience how powerful the new Zigbee Pro system is and how fast and far the remote controls can operate.

This new fully features controller can offer a simple solution to control a TV system or be the backbone to control a sophisticated system in a large Home, Business or Marine application. The Control4 HC-800 can grow with your lifestyle and home requirements.

Visit us at our West Vancouver showroom for a demo today.