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Controllers are the starting point of any Vancouver Control4 system, they are the “brains” of the smart home. From a basic stand alone room using a Control4 HC-250 to a completely automated home requiring a Control4 HC-800, you will need one of these controllers to create your dream home system. Each controller is capable of controlling your Audio Video devices and all secondary home devices like garage doors, lighting, HVAC, security system, swimming pool, motorized shades and other controllable components.

Control 4 Interfaces

Having Control4 in your home allows for lots of flexibility. You have so many different options available for you to control everything in your home. You can use a traditional Hand-Held SR-250 Remote, an In-Wall Touch Screen, a Portable Touch Screen, various Keypads, an Apple or Android smart phone, a Tablet, or a Computer with the Control4 MyHome app.


Your favorite music can lift your spirits and change your mood in positive ways. Imagine easy control of your favorite music from any room in your home. Intuitive in-wall or portable touchscreen remote controls allow easy to access to Control4 iPod Docks, music on your computer with Control4 Media Player, music servers, XM, Sirius, streaming Internet radio, and broadcast radio from the Control4 Tuner. Gone are the days when your only music control was a volume knob on a wall; now you can navigate your music with intuitive two-way control to easily choose your favorite station, artist, song, or playlist. You will be able to navigate your iPod, complete with album art, even if your iPod is in the Kitchen and you are in the backyard! Easy access to your music has never been simpler.

Control4 Lighting

With something as simple as opening your garage door, the lights in your house automatically turn on to welcome you inside. Maybe you forgot to turn off some lights downstairs and you are already in bed, you can press a single button and know that all of the lights have turned off in the house. With Control4 Lighting, we make everything simple and eco-friendly.

Control4 Wireless Dimmers and Switches can be easily retrofitted to replace existing light switches, or you can use one of Control4 Wireless Outlet Switch / Dimmer to offer complete control of your lamps and other electronic devices without the hassles of a renovation. Control4 smart lighting control can be implemented at anytime so you can start off small and add as you see fit.


Temperature control is a great addition to any home with a Control4 system. Imagine having the ability to log onto your home remotely and turn the heat on so it is warm for you when you get home. It is easy to set a schedule for your climate control with Control4 Thermostats, your Control4 system automatically starts heating or cooling your home at a specific time each day. Having this flexibility will help keep costs down and keep your home eco-friendly. You can control your fireplace with a Control4 Fireplace Switch, you even get a graphical confirmation that the fireplace is on or not for peace of mind.

Control4 Security

Integrated with a security system Control4 can offer you the peace of mind that your home is secure. The system can be programmed to send you notifications by email and text messaging if the alarm is triggered, simply log on to your Surveillance cameras over any web browser or smart device app to see your home. The Control4 Door Station is an elegant solution for a complete video intercom system. With its integrated IP Camera, doorbell, and speaker/microphone you have the ability to effortlessly communicate with someone at your front gate or doorway, even automatically open the front door with the many Wireless Door locks made to work with Control4.

Control4 Apps

With the Control4 MyHome app, you can turn your Wi-Fi smart phone, tablets or personal computer into a fully functional and interactive Touchscreen interface for your Control4 system.

At the 4store market, get apps for your Control4 system. A growing range of apps available from Weather to News, from motorized shade controls to Hockey scores and apps that enhance your smart home experience and personalized control.

Control4 Software

Maximize your lighting control potential with software that you can customize yourself at home. You can create your own scenes for lighting, manage your music and media collection and so much more.