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Speakers are probably the most important part of any system,  they are responsible for converting your digital or analogue content into moving air(Sound Waves). Therefore, do not compromise on the speaker investment. Speakers are also usually the largest and most visible component to your Stereo or Home Theater system so it is important for them to match your rooms aesthetics and acoustics. Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, we even sell speakers that install like drywall and disappear into your walls. Speakers can use conventional tweeters and woofers, but there are also other technologies like Ribbons, Electrostatic and Horns that are used today. There is always a solution that best meets each rooms requirements.

Speakers can be floor standing, on a bookshelf, In a wall or ceiling or on a wall surface mounted. There is really no more limitations to making sure you have what suits your sound and decor goals!

With top Brands like Martin Logan, Thiel, Monitor Audio, Klipsch, Canton, M&K, James Loudspeakers, Sunfire, Kef and many more we will find the best match for your requirements. These manufacturers are leading the way in today’s loudspeaker technologies.

Come in for an audition and hear what the best sounds like today!