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LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, 3D, SmartTV, Monitor? Let us help you decide on which technology is best for you. Selecting the right TV is not all about resolution and refresh rates, we help you select the correct Television based on your viewing distance, viewing angle, ambient lighting conditions, control and input requirements. Sony, Samsung and LG manufacture some of the very best TV’s available today.  To optimize picture quality we can calibrate TV’s to ISF or THX specifications. These displays are fully compatible with Control4 Automation systems.

Whether you need a 26″ LED for an Office or a 100″ LED for a Home Theater Room, we can find the best match for every environment and make sure it is easy to operate and calibrated to look fantastic!

Televisions have never been thinner, clearer or cost less per square inch. New features like Smart Hubs, Netflix (built into TV) and DLNA Network streaming allow for your Movies, Music and Photo’s from any Hard Drive on your Home Network to be conveniently viewed on the screen. USB Connectivity allows for your media files to be quickly accessed from any USB Drive. Wi-Fi Network built in for wireless access to internet content like Netflix, YouTube and many more online services.

Let our staff at Yana Imaganitve Audio Video Solutions help you find the perfect new display for your space.