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Monitor Audio WS100 Wireless PC Speakers

Monitor Audio WS100 Wireless PC Speakers
New Arrival: Monitor Audio WS100
Wireless PC Speakers $429

We just received our first shipment of these amazing new speakers and LOVE THEM!

It has been difficult to find a decent pair of PC speakers never mind wireless ones. But, new from Monitor Audio are these little Gems:

Maximise the sound of your Mac or PC, wire-free with the WS100 Wireless Multimedia System. Four decades of design expertise delivers room-filling CD-quality audio from a pair of luxury go-anywhere speaker cubes, and connection through USB is instant and automatic. Each active space-efficient 5” cube employs custom-designed C-CAM drivers, based on the transducers used by our flagship hi-fi speakers. They’re driven directly by DSP (Digital Signal Processor) optimised signals from individual cool-running hi-fi amplifiers, so all the music gets through and goes loud! What’s more, our use of the excellent and robust SKAA™ wireless transmission system ensures that no clicks, pops or dropouts will disturb your enjoyment of the WS100 system in action. Plug-in. Press play. Go loud without wires. Great sound was never this easy!

  • Easy, Active, High Performance Wire-Free Speaker System
  • Plug n’ Play: no software required
  • CD audio quality
  • Universal: operates with PC and Mac
  • Remote control of volume, play/pause, track up/down
  • Robust, die-cast metal enclosure with pivoting action
  • High quality C-CAM® drivers: system comprises 2 x 75mm (3”) bass drivers
  • And 2 x 19mm (3/4”) gold dome tweeters
  • Four integral amplifiers: one per driver. Total system power 60W
  • Advanced DSP. Discrete, dedicated DACs
  • Patented SKAA™ wire-less system with WFD™ wireless protocol
  • Noise-free music reproduction: no cross-talk, dropouts, clicks or pops
  • Single USB transmitter dongle powers up to four pairs of WS100
  • Multi-source with added transmitters and rear panel source-select button
  • Connect portables through a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack