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Neo Series by Simaudio now available

Neo Series by Simaudio now available
Simaudio Neo series will be replacing their classic series that won countless awards and amazing press over the years.

Simaudio Neo, pronounced knee-o, comes from the ancient Greek word meaning new denoting this exciting range of Simaudio MOON products. Borrowing heavily from the Evolution Series aesthetics, Simaudio Nēo incorporates numerous circuit enhancements to noticeably improve sound quality. Every aspect of the Nēo Series is designed to remind you of the much-more-expensive Evolution Series, but at a fraction of the price.

Neo = A fusion of lifestyle and technology Neo takes the place of most models previously available in the Simaudio MOON range, while setting a new standard for performance, build quality, and appearance for affordable, high-end audio products. Existing model numbers will not change, except that the new ones will be identified with the word Nēo. For example, the 250i will be referred to as the Nēo 250i.

The standard finish for Nēo series products is all black. However, both an all silver finish and a 2-tone finish (silver cheeks with black faceplate) are available.

The idea behind Simaudio MOON Neo is to give the people something similar to the company’s flagship Evolution series, but at a fraction of the price. Of course, those prices have yet to be announced. However, we do know that MOON Neo will have the same aesthetics as Evolution, but with new circuit enhancements for improved sound quality.

We look forward to hearing this exciting new series from our favorite Canadian Hi-Fi manufacturer!