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REL Acoustics available now at Yana Imaginative Audio Video Solutions

REL Acoustics available now at Yana Imaginative Audio Video Solutions

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with REL Acoustics to be able to provide our clients with the best subwoofers that are made today. We have always wanted to be a dealer and now the time has come that we can and will have them on display for our clients to touch, feel and listen to. 

REL Acoustics


REL Acoustics was founded in 1990 by Richard Edmond Lord. He was unhappy with the worlds offerings of subwoofers and wanted to make something better. Over the past two decades, REL have revolutionized the subwoofer category with numerous award winning products. 

Please come in today and have listen to what REL subs can do for your two channel music system, your dedicated theater room or media space. 

They have offerings today that are under $1000 Canadian and go up to well over $13K. It all depends on what the rest of your system is, the room type and size and doing lots of placing so you get it perfect.

We are here to walk you through any questions that you have to make this be a very tangible upgrade or addition to your home.  

For the month of March 2024 REL have a Spring Sale going on for their Series HT and Serie T/x Subs You can check them all out HERE

We also have become the REL Reference dealer for the Vancouver Market. We currently have the No31 on Display for now. 


Home Theatre Installations Vancouver 



Some of the worlds best systems have have lien array stacks of REL Reference Subs. 

***We do not have these stacks on display, only a single sub***

To book your demo of these subwoofers please email us at or call our shop @ 604-922-0107. We are open Monday through Friday 9-4pm and Saturday 10-4. We also offer private demonstrations after hours.