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TEAC UD-501 DSD Digital to Analogue Converter

TEAC UD-501 DSD Digital to Analogue Converter
The new TEAC UD-501 DSD DAC is Available Now!

We are VERY excited about this new DAC from TEAC! This breaks the price barrier of being able to play back DSD files natively. The TEAC UD-501 Looks as good as it sounds too:

TEAC’s new UD-501 is the star of the 501 series. The UD-501 supports Direct Stream Digital (DSD) playback at either 2.8 MHz or 5.6MHz (DXD) rates. PCM audio is supported up to 384kHz/32-bit resolution. It connects to your computer over USB using ASIO 2.1 or DoP.

The output section of the UD-501 features two BurrBrown 32-bit DACs per channel and JRC MUSES op amps, also with a dual monaural design. Both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs are available to connect to your power amplifier. A toroidal-core power supply ensures top performance and clean transient playback, for quality that outperforms components five times its price.

Audiostream awarded the TEAC UD-501 their Greatest Bits award in a rave review, in which the reviewer “Debated delaying this review so I could […] find something more, ah hem, critical to talk about.” “The UD-501 invites you into each musical performance making it downright difficult to leave.”

In Japan, the TEAC UD-501 has been awarded the VGP (Visual Grand Prix) Gold Award, one of the most famous in the Japanese AV equipment market. It was also awarded the AEx (Audio Excellence Award) and AEx Extra Award for pure audio equipments.