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At Yana we provide state-of-the-art Home Theater Electronics

Let us custom design a system for your performance and aesthetic goals. We have carefully selected these manufacturers of top quality Home Theater electronics that offer solutions for every feature and budget.

Whether you are looking for a simple family room system or a sophisticated dedicated Themed Home Theater Room we can help you find the correct component.

Sound Quality, Picture Clarity, Reliability and Ease of Operation are priorities.

The heart of a system is the Home Theater Processor / Receiver, Anthem, ARCAM, DENON, Integra, Marantz, and Sony offer some of the best options in this category.

Enjoy the latest features like, Streaming Music Services(Pandora, Rhapsody and Spotify). Internet Radio tuners for convenient tuning to any station in the world. Microphone Room calibration that adjust for acoustic problems in a room. HDMI Up-Conversion that enhances the picture quality of lower resolution sources.

With just one press on your remote control, the action will start! …Suddenly the curtains start opening, the lights begin to fade slowly, and the movie starts…it is time for an amazing experience! Our goal is to put you right inside the movie the way the directors intended you to see it and hear it. Our extensive Home Theater design and installation experience ensures that your private home theater will be one your favorite destinations within your home.