Cardas Audio

Clear Beyond Interconnect

$4,200.00 Per Pair

Introducing Cardas Audio's Clear Beyond Interconnect, the ultimate flagship interconnect and a marvel of modern cable design. Utilizing our advanced Matched Propagation Conductors, Clear Beyond Interconnect offers noticeable improvements in spatial imaging, dynamics, and low frequency impact. Backed by our 30+ years of experience, its superior shielding and advanced air-tube suspension geometry result in an O.D. of .511", delivering a musically balanced and remarkable experience.

Choose between the XRCA 13 adaptor for single-ended termination, and a re-designed CG XLR for balanced cables.

  • Gauge: 4x26.5 AWG
  • Outside Diameter: 0.511”/13mm


Conductors: Matched Propagation Kevlar core, ultra fine Grade 1, 99.9999% pure oxygen free copper with SPN clear coat (Litz), gauge sizes scaled to Golden Ratio proportions and range from 47 AWG to 39 AWG. Cross-field layer geometry, insulated in ultra thing extruded PTFE jacket.


Star-Quad 4 conductors with anti-static LDPE air-tubes bound with carbon impregnated PTFE tape wrap. Outer layer uses PTFE air-tubes scaled 1.618 times larger than the core tubes to suspend the composite shield of tinned copper and magnet wire away from the signal carrying conductors. Finished in an ultra soft extruded TPR jacket.