Monitor Audio

Gold 50


The sculpted low-diffraction cabinet of the Gold 50 houses a single 5.5" RST® bass driver and C-CAM® ribbon. The bass driver exhibits the low frequency extension and power handling of a much larger transducer while the excellent C-CAM ribbon soars beyond conventional tweeter domes to a stratospheric 60 kHz. Consequently the Gold 50 combines the frequency range of the finest studio monitors with dynamics that defy its modest dimensions. Optional, dedicated floor stands are available, which can be filled to provide the ultimate foundation for the best possible sound quality.

  • 2 way Bookshelf, with C-CAM® ribbon tweeter, 5½˝ RST® mid-bass driver, in a HiVe® ported enclosure.
  • Video shielded. Magnetic cloth grille attachment, die-cast alloy bi-wire cable terminal panels.
  • Dimensions (excluding GX Stand): 11 13/16” x 6 2/3” x 10 1/3” (H x W x D)