PB16-Ultra Subwoofer


»» Front Firing long-stroke 16” driver

»» STA-1500D Sledge, 1,500 watt (5,000 watts peak) amplifier

»» Premium Black Ash or Piano Gloss Finish

»» Front-firing triple 3.5” high-flow flared port

»» Protective, Non-Resonant Steel Mesh Grille

»» Rigid and Braced MDF Cabinet

»» Variable 20 Hz, 16 Hz and Sealed tuning

»» 12-200 Hz +/- 3 dB (standard mode), 11-200 Hz +/- 3 dB (extended mode), 14-200 Hz +/- 3 dB (sealed mode)

»» Dims (w/ grill): 25” H X 21.7” W X 30.9” D

»» Weight: 174.5 lb.

The alpha flagship subwoofer in the industry. Nothing else comes close to reaching the same levels of low frequency depth and output, while maintaining pinpoint accuracy, seamless control and pitch perfect tonality. The PB16-Ultra is 175 pounds of pure bass explosiveness, yet it also envelops you in amazingly detailed and articulate low frequency sound waves that create the most immersive listening experience possible. From the massive and unprecedented 16-inch driver with hulking 8-in edge wound voice coil, to the effortlessly powerful and intelligent 1,500 watts continuous, 5,000+ watts peak power discrete amplifier and revolutionary Bluetooth DSP control app, the PB16-Ultra sets all the benchmarks for subwoofer performance at any class.